Cornerstone Private Practice is there for me and my family… and that to me is not just insurance, it’s assurance.

Patient Testimonials

In the words of our patients:

Cornerstone Private Practice is my foundation for a healthy life.  I am in my late 30s, married, have three children, healthy, and run a busy, happy household.  Life is good – – and Dr. Dowd’s philosophy of prevention is helping me keep it that way.  His all-encompassing approach to my medical care including nutrition, wellness programs and advanced diagnostic testing, is the reason I highly recommend Cornerstone Private Practice.”

We all know that America’s healthcare system continues to struggle under the strain of its dysfunction, so I’m simply choosing to invest in the health of my family.  Dr. Dowd gives me that option.  With his help, I’m taking care of me while I’m young  enough to make a long term difference in the course of my life.”

Because Dr. Dowd is a concierge doctor and he limits the size of his practice, I have better and more immediate access to him. No more crowded waiting rooms and hurried appointments with doctors who don’t know my name!  Dr. Dowd already feels like a part of our family, and I look forward the continuity of care and trust I’ve found in Cornerstone Private Practice.”

“Having seen numerous physicians over the last couple of years, I immediately was impressed with Dr. Dowd and his caring attitude he projected upon me, being his patient. He was completely interested in what I had to say and I felt like he was listening. Dr. Dowd is an excellent physician who is taking on the healthcare system in positive ways and the current incompetence of patient management.”