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Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention

Most people agree that prevention is vitally important.  Unfortunately if you rely just on standard care and evaluations, you may not be preventing some of the most common and serious medical problems as well as you’d like to think.

Look for a moment at cardiovascular disease (i.e. heart attacks and strokes).  These are the leading cause of death in our country.  They also cause a tremendous amount of disability and suffering.  Unfortunately, standard care may not be protecting you as well as you might think.

Many of us know of a person or people who had a heart attack that was “unexpected.”  We may have commentted on how strange it is that someone with “normal cholesterol” who didn’t smoke, or have diabetes, or high blood pressure, could have a heart attack.  Sometimes they’ve even had a recent stress test that was normal.

Consider the following facts:

Even medical literature acknowledges that standard care has its limitations:  “Clinicians need to exercise caution when considering the majority of guidelines for cardiovascular treatment.” JAMA 2/25/09 vol. 301

There are however reasons for why cardiovascular events–unexpected or not–happen to people, and they aren’t all unsolved mysteries.  As a patient of this practice, you will have an entirely different experience.  We use leading-edge evaluations based on up-to-date science look for the earliest stages of vascular disease… stabilize it… and begin the process of reversing it.

We take this same approach to the early identification of and intervention for other serious common health problems such as Skin Cancer and Diabetes Mellitus.

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