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Disappearing in a puff of smoke?


Well, not quite yet, but there is some good news on the smoking front: the number of Americans smoking decreased between 2005 and 2010.  According to the CDC’s MMWR (Morbitiy & Mortality Weekly Report) released yesterday, the percentage of adult American smokers decreased from 20.9% to 19.3%.  This is equal to about 3 million less smokers!  The bad news though is that the South (21%) and the Midwest (21.8%) have a greater percentage of their population who still smoke.  The graphic below from the MMWR report shows a breakdown by state:


Smoking is one of many different risk factors for heart attacks and strokes-some well known, others you probably haven’t heard about.  At Cornerstone we go above and beyond when it comes to heart attack and stroke prevention–just one aspect of the out of the ordinary care we provide to help our patients build their optimal health.  Call us or come in to find our more about our practice.

FDA’s New Graphic Cigarette Warnings


Following up on our posts from back in November, the FDA recently released nine graphic images which, come next summer, will be required to be on all cigarette packages, cartons, and advertisements alongside their warning labels.  They’re intended to not only steer away potential smokers, but to actualize the risk of smoking.  What do you think?    To read the article and view the graphics, check out the Washington Post articleWarning: the images are graphic.


It’s Good to be a Quitter when…

…you need surgery.  Did you know that some people-including some clinicians-believe that quiting smoking before surgery actually increases risk for pulmonary (lung) complications after surgery?  In the last couple of months 2 different meta-analyses have put this question to rest and not only were there not more pulmonary complications, one analysis actually found a 41% relative reduction in total post-operative complications.  The longer you quit the better, but even quiting for relatively short periods of time yeilded benefits to the quitter.

We talk a lot about the longer-term risks of smoking  (i.e. heart attacks, cancer, lung disease, etc), and how quiting can decrease your risk for those problems.  And while this is true, these recent studies point out a short-term benefit: if you’re looking at having surgery and want to reduce your risk of complications afterward, consider quiting now!


(This is one of the new warning labels being considered for cigarette packaging)

Cigarette Warning Labels

Have you seen the proposed cigarette product warning labels?  Here are a couple of examples.  

See and download the full gallery on posterous

Did you know you can give your comments & suggestions to the FDA on these labels?  To do so go to and type docket number FDA-2010-N-0568 into the search box and then follow the prompts.  The FDA will accept comments until Jan. 11, 2011.