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Primary Care Doctors Burning Out

Some very concerning findings in a new study by the Mayo clinic.

When looking at general internists and family physicians the study found “more than half of the doctors in each of those areas suffered some form of burnout.”  Another specialty, ER medicine, was even worse.

In my opinion this is very concerning, especially in light of the ever greater responsibility being placed on our “front line” doctors.

As a Mayo clinic physician Tait Shanafelt put it, Docs who are burned out are more likely to make mistakes.”

One bright spot, physicians who practice preventative medicine reported the lowest levels of burnout.

Add this to the list of good reasons to consider Cornerstone Private Practice, where a big part of our focus is on prevention and proactive care!

To read an article about this study click here.

Stocks break hearts…literally


Worried that the stock market’s recent roller coaster ride will hurt you financially?  Unfortunately the health of your wallet may not be the only thing to worry about when stocks go crazy like they have recently.  Research published in the European Heart Journal this summer looked at stock market volatility and how it relates to Coronary Heart Disease (i.e. heart attacks).  They found that the more volatile stock market was–in either a downward or upward direction–the more deaths from heart disease that occurred.

So…don’t forget about your physical health while working toward financial health!  Since about half the time sudden death is the first sign of heart problems, come in today to get a more comprehensive check-up and get started on a heart-wealthy life!

Stress-Reducing Tidbits!


Ever feel like there is just too much to do?  Well sometimes, that is the case.  Here are a few stress-reducing tips that are easy to remember, and should help get you through those ever-expanding to-do lists!