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Our July 2012 newsletter (there’s something special for summer inside!)

skin cancer prevention

Cornerstone has exclusive technology for catching skin cancer


Learn more about Cornerstone’s exclusive technology, a special summertime offer, Jessica’s recent nerve-wracking leap, Dr. Dowd’s family vacation and some ideas for sweet treats.  It’s all in this month’s edition of In Your Corner: July 2012!

“You are walking down a cool mountain pathway…”

Wondering what that title has to do with medical care?!  I’ll give you a hint: hot flashes…

I recently came across a new study about a very different approach to menopausal hot flashes that I thought was very interesting. For those women that get them, hot flashes can be an uncomfortable and frustrating problem.  I’ve had many conversations with women who want to lessen their hot flashes, but don’t really want to take medication.  Unfortunately the treatment options that fit that description are not always as efficacious.

However there may be a new option on the horizon: hypnosis.  At last month’s meeting of the Society of Behavioral Medicine, a study was presented that showed a dramatic 70-80% drop in hot flash frequency and severity!  (For those people interested it was a randomized, controlled study.)  There also seemed to be beneficial effects on sleep and depression.

Hopefully more study will occur to confirm it, but these findings seem promising, and there isn’t much of a downside to trying it.  I’ll keep you posted as I learn more.

Want an easy way to get more attractive skin?


Earlier this month researchers from Scotland published the results of a study that demonstrated a simple way to make your skin healthier and more attractive appearing in just 6 weeks.  They found that when study participants ate about 3 servings more of fruits and vegetables a day, their skin coloration became healthier-appearing and measurably more attractive!  Looks like fruits and veggies are good for you–inside and out!

So…what are you having for dinner tonight?!   

Want to read more?  Click here.

Recall of Certain Birth Controls

At the start of this week, birth control pills Lo/Ovral®-28 and Norgestrel were recalled voluntarily by the manufacturers due inexact packaging and out-of-sequence pills.  According to the release, the defects in this products are not detrimental to your health, but these defects can cause unintended pregnancy, and the out-of-order sequencing can upset your hormonal balance.  If you are currently using one of the defected lots, you should revert to non-hormonal contraception and return the packages to the pharmacies.  For more information and to reference the exact lot numbers, click here.

Cornerstone In The News Again

Did you see Cornerstone featured in a front page article in Sunday’s Virginian-Pilot? Click on the link below and look for the part with the green text to read about how our proactive approach appeals to a wide variety of people, especially people who believe building & maintaining their health is something worth investing in!

Article in Virginian-Pilot

The Mammogram Debate continues…


In 2009, new mammogram guidelines were issued by the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF), recommending that mammograms be given only once every two years.  Further, these only advised routine testing for women between the ages 50-74.  Now, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) has released contrasting recommendations that providers not only offer mammograms to women annually, but to women as young as 40.   According to ACOG, breast cancer, second only to skin cancer in women, tends to grow faster in younger women than in older women.  The earlier tumors are identified, the less likely they are to spread, and the more likely they are to be treated successfully.

Part of the rationale behind the USPSTF’s opposition to routine mammograms in women under 50 was to decrease radiation exposure and to avoid unwarranted anxiety or surgical procedures from false positives.  ACOG, while recognizing that not having mammograms every year may be more economical, believes that the true costs might be greater than what comes out of someone’s pocket.

At Cornerstone Private Practice, we believe that deciding when and how often to obtain mammograms is a choice that should grow out of a two-way dialogue with your doctor.  Balancing the importance of limiting radiation exposure, anxiety, and possible surgical interventions versus the benefit of detecting breast cancer sooner is a personal decision best made in the context of a trusted doctor-patient relationship. (Photo from digitalart)

Breast Cancer Risk Calculator

Breast cancer risk can be estimated using this Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool from the National Cancer Institute.  Here’s a screenshot of the calculator:

Fracture Risk Calculator

As we discussed during my talk, here is the World Health Organization’s Fracture Risk Assessment Tool:  FRAX.  Here’s a screenshot of the page:

Thank You to SMART Women

Thanks again to all of the SMART women who came out to listen to my talk on “hot” women’s health issues this week at the Hilton.  And thank you as well to the founders of the SMART Women group–from Breakthru! Consulting, BB&T, Cross Realty, Duke Automotive, the Hilton Garden Inn, and Nansemond-Suffolk Academy–for inviting me to speak.  As promised, I will post links to the sites I referenced in subsequent posts.

SMART Women: SMART Health Presentation

Come by and listen to Dr. Dowd speak to the SMART (Successful, Motivated…And Really Tired) Women in Suffolk about current women’s health prevention issues on January 18th at the Hilton Garden Inn from 11:30a-1:30p.  The deadline for reservations is tomorrow, January 7th.  Tickets are $20.  For more information contact Ashley Greene at