Cornerstone Private Practice is there for me and my family… and that to me is not just insurance, it’s assurance.

Private Medicine is Personal

Private medicine has had several names over the years – concierge medicine, direct care, executive health, and more.  We believe it’s best described as Personal Medicine, because in it, the doctor-patient relationship takes center stage, and together we work in the interests of your best health.

Your health is personal.  It is unique and it’s essential to every aspect of your life.  This is why personalized care is the cornerstone of good health…and of how we practice medicine.  With a limited number of patients, we are able to spend more time, devote more energy, and be more involved and accessible than the typical primary-care physician.

Joining Cornerstone’s personal medicine practice also means you get a broader range of leading-edge services, a deeper doctor-patient relationship and a truly uncommon level of service.