Cornerstone Private Practice is there for me and my family… and that to me is not just insurance, it’s assurance.

Compared to the Norm

You can’t fully appreciate the difference without seeing it for yourself, but this should begin to clarify for you why patients are drawn to our practice.

Traditional Medicine Private Medicine
2500-5000 patients per doctor ~450 patients per doctor
Typical waiting room time: 56 minutes Typical waiting room time: 1 minute
Typical appointment time: 10 minutes Typical appointment time: 30-45 minutes
Access to your doctor: Business hours… maybe Access to your doctor: 24×7
Access to your doctor by in-office visit only Access to your doctor by office visit, phone, text message, email, Skype, or house call
1 or 2 problems per visit Time to go through your list of questions
Concerned with your privacy to the extent mandated by HIPAA Vigilant about your privacy and your rights to protect your own health information – even from insurance companies and the government
Can feel like a repair shop mainly concerned with fixing you when you’re sick A center of disease prevention and reversal intent on keeping you well
Odds of dying of a heart attack or stroke: 40-50% Odds of dying of a heart attack or stroke: <10%
Services and technologies offered to you are determined by what insurance companies decide for you Services and technologies offered to you are based on your particular needs and grow out of discussion between the 2 people who should be the primary decision-makers-you and your doctor

If this feels like the type of medical practice you’ve been waiting for, give us a call or send us a message now.