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Hovering Parents = Less Active Children


As the level of obesity rises with adults, it also rises with children.  A main reason for this is decreased activity.  And while parents continue to take their children to parks, the American Journal of Preventive Medicine released a study earlier this month showing that when parents “hover” over their playing children, their children tend to play less actively versus children whose parents stand back and just “let them go.”  We do not want to see any harm come to our children, but as we stand on the sidelines and holler, “Not too high!” or “Careful; not so fast!” our children focus more on what not to do instead of just running around and having fun.  Of course don’t let your children get into dangerous predicaments, but the more leeway you give them to run around without worrying about getting a bump or bruise, the more apt they are to be more active and the less likely they’ll become overweight.

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