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Most primary care practices in our country have from 2,000 to 4,000 patients per doctor. It’s no wonder that patients often feel that they wait a long time to see the doctor, and then actually only see him or her for just a few minutes.

At Cornerstone we do not focus on how many patients we need to see today; we concentrate on what we need to do to build your best health. To ensure that we are able to fulfill our commitment to you, we limit our practice to about 400 patients.

The Benefits of a Cornerstone Membership

Our patient limit was established so that we are able to see our patients punctually and spend more time with them once they arrive. Utilizing the advanced services we offer and taking the time to really listen to our patients are time and labor-intensive – and often not reimbursed by insurance – so we charge a reasonable fee.

Cornerstone has different service offerings. To learn more about your options, our fees, and to determine which option may be best for you, contact us at 757-337-4018.

Your privacy is also something we take very seriously. Our privacy policy can be found here.


Cornerstone is a medical practice unlike others. It combines comprehensive and proactive medicine with a commitment to concierge-like care that is responsive, flexible, easily accessible, and on-time. Although much of what we do is covered by insurance, a large part is not.

Most medical practices accept new patients until they burst at the seams, leaving little time for the doctor-patient encounter. We believe this kind of practice leads to primarily reactive care instead of care focused on building your optimal health. At Cornerstone the service we provide goes above and beyond standard care and requires that we manage our workload and commitments to patients very carefully. To do this we serve a patient population that is typically at least 80% smaller than the size of most other primary care practices. In order to provide this service, we charge a fee.

We offer a variety of payment options, and discounts are available for families and children as well as for annual and semi-annual payments. We are happy to answer any questions you might have and invite you to come in for a visit.

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