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Who We Are

Personal, Private Medicine

We are a personal medicine practice with offices in the Harbour View area of Suffolk and in the Ghent area of Norfolk. We build strong doctor-patient relationships, provide an unmatched level of service, and offer a broad range of services, including primary care, employee health and executive care.

The purpose of medicine is to build your best health.

This is why Cornerstone Private Practice specializes in patient services that go beyond the standard and provides medical care that is at the forefront of modern medicine.

At Cornerstone, we provide:

  • Easy, convenient access to the doctor – in our office, by phone, email, or even a video call from the comfort of your own home
  • Prompt sick care – no more waiting for days to see the doctor when you’re not feeling well
  • No waiting in the waiting room (really!) — your time is important too
  • The ability to manage your own medical information and help protect yourself from medical errors
  • Thorough physical exam that explores your medical history and focuses on prevention
  • Leading-edge diagnostic tools for medical evaluations
  • Personalized care that is proactive and preventative
  • A true partnership with your doctor to build your best health

Private Medicine is Personal

Private medicine has had several names over the years, including Concierge Medicine, Direct Care, Executive Health, and others. We believe it is best described as Personal Medicine because the doctor-patient relationship is the foundation, and together the doctor and patient partner together to build the patient’s best health. Health is personal and unique to each person, and it is essential to every aspect of one’s life, from earning a living and caring for your family to sharing your gifts and simply enjoying what life has to offer.

Unfortunately, in today’s healthcare environment, physicians are increasingly unable to invest the time and focus necessary to help you ensure your best health. In fact, most physicians today have less than 10 to 15 minutes to spend with you. The result, too often, is care that is focused not on wellness and optimal health but only on reacting to problems as they arise. This is why Personal Medicine came to be. Doctors, frustrated at having to hurry their patients through visits, wanted to devote more time to each patient.

Cornerstone Private Practice limits the number of its patients so that our providers are able to spend more time with each patient and be more involved and accessible to them than the typical primary-care physician.

As a physician dedicated to people’s best health and individual needs, I view this time constraint as a departure from the very purpose and intent of medicine.

You are unique, unlike any other individual, and the same is true of your body, your health, and the problems that can arise to affect them. For that reason, good medicine should be thorough, unrushed, proactive, and focused on you. This is why we practice “personal medicine,” the kind that combines comprehensive, advanced, and preventative care with leading-edge medical tools, unwavering commitment, flexibility, easy access, responsiveness, and ample time. I believe all of these lead ineluctably to your best health.

Dr. Christopher Dowd

Meet Our Providers

Christopher Dowd, DO

Stuart Shepheard, MD

Anke Hacker, MD

William Mollenkopf, MD

Meagan Keaton, FNP-BC

David Deeley, MD