Cornerstone Private Practice specializes in Personal Medicine, to help you and your family build your best health.

    Building Optimal Health Through Truly Personal Medicine

    Your health is your most important asset. It's vital to every part of your life, from earning a living and caring for your family to securing your future and simply enjoying what life has to offer. Unfortunately, in today's healthcare environment, physicians are increasingly unable to invest the time and focus necessary to ensure your best health. In fact, most primary-care physicians today have little more than 10 to 15 minutes to spend with you. The result, too often, is care that is focused not on wellness and optimal health but on addressing problems as they arise. As a physician dedicated to people's best health and individual needs, I view this as a departure from the very purpose and intent of medicine.

    You are unique, unlike any other individual, and the same is true of your body, your health and the problems that can arise to affect them. For that reason, good medicine should be focused on you, thorough, unrushed and proactive. This is why I practice "personal medicine," the kind that combines comprehensive, advanced and preventative care with exquisite service, unwavering commitment, flexibility, easy access, responsiveness and ample time that lead to your best health.

    - Dr. Christopher Dowd

    What is Personal Medicine?

    Concierge medicine, executive healthcare, boutique practice.... For us Personal Medicine is relationship medicine, because in it, the doctor-patient relationship takes center stage. Together we work in the interests of building your best health with true collaboration, understanding and a focus on wellness.

    Your health is personal, unique to you, and essential to every aspect of your life. This is why personalized care is cornerstone of good health...and of how we practice medicine. With a limited number of patients we can spend more time, devote more energy, and be more involved and accessible than the typical primary-care physician. Joining Cornerstone's personal medicine practice also means you get a broader range of leading-edge services based on the latest knowledge and using advanced diagnostic tools.

    About Us

    Cornerstone Private Practice is a concierge - or personal - medicine practice conveniently located in the Harbour View area of Suffolk, and within a short drive of many parts of Hampton Roads, Virginia. Designed with you in mind, joining Cornerstone means you get a broad range of leading-edge services, a deeper doctor-patient relationship and a truly uncommon level of service.

    Please peruse our site to learn how we go beyond the standard. We think you'll see how our approach is just what you want in a primary-care practice. When you're ready, contact us to set up your appointment (but remember, we can only accept a limited number of patients and then we'll start a waiting list). If you still have questions or would like to talk more, you're welcome to come in and see for yourself how our approach can benefit your health and life. Just call to schedule a time: (757) 337-4018.