Cornerstone Private Practice is there for me and my family… and that to me is not just insurance, it’s assurance.

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Your health is your most important asset. It’s vital to every part of your life, from earning a living and caring for your family, to securing your future and simply enjoying what life has to offer.

Unfortunately, in today’s healthcare environment, physicians are increasingly unable to invest the time and focus necessary to ensure your best health.  In fact, most primary-care doctors today have little more than 10 or 15 minutes to spend with you.  A major reason for that is that primary care practices in our country often have 2500, 3500, 4500, or even more patients per doctor.  This is why doctors often see 30-40 patients each day.  When you do the math, this works out to 10-15 minutes per patient, and that includes the time necessary for documentation, prescription writing, care coordination, etc.  It’s no wonder that patients often feel that they wait a long time and then only actually see their doctor for just a few minutes.  And with another estimated 30 million new patients soon to be added to the already over-full schedules of primary care doctors, time spent with your physician is only going to get shorter.

This is a key difference between standard practices and our practice.  At Cornerstone Private Practice we focus not on how many patients we need to see today, but rather, on what we need to do to build your best health.  To ensure we fulfill our commitment to you, we limit our practice to about 400 patients.  This allows us to see our patients on time, and to spend more time with them when they come in.  Really listening to our patients, and the advanced services we offer to them, are time and labor-intensive – and often not reimbursed by insurance – so we charge a reasonable fee.

We have different service offerings and would love to talk with you more about them.  To learn more about these options, our fees, and to determine which option may be best for you, contact us.

Your privacy is also something we take very seriously.  Our privacy policy can be found here.