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Cornerstone – In the News Again! Featured in the Health Journal!

Did you see who was featured in February’s edition of the Health Journal?  Our very own, Dr. Christopher Dowd, was interviewed in a discussion about some home remedies that can be effective versus those that are better left alone.  Even if home remedies might do the trick, all of the doctors interviewed agreed that it was important to include your doctor in what’s going on and which home remedies you plan to use to treat a problem.  To read the article online, click here.

Recall of Excedrin, Bufferin, NoDoz, and Gas-X Prevention


Earlier this week, Excedrin, Bufferin, NoDoz, and Gas-X Prevention were voluntarily recalled by the manufacturer.  According to the announcement, lots of Excedrin and NoDoz expiring 12/20/2014 or earlier and Bufferin and Gas-X Prevention expiring 12/20/2013 or earlier may include stray tablets or capsules of other medications by the same manufacturer.  If you use these products, please make sure the pills you are taking are in-fact that which the box describes, and do not take any of the stray pills you might find in the bottle.  For more information and to see a list of affected products, click here.

Vitamin E & Prostate Cancer

Another study showing that just because something has the word “vitamin” in it, doesn’t mean that it is good for you.  Last month’s report on the SELECT trial, which looked at over 35,000 men, found that men taking vitamin E supplementation had a 17% increased risk for prostate cancer.  The original study was actually stopped early because of the increased cancer risk, and now they’ve found that the increased risk has persisted despite the study and supplementation being stopped 3 years ago.  Vitamin E is often included in multivitamins and is often praised as an antioxidant, but it seems that it fails to deliver in some important health conditions.  Because some vitamins and supplements can be beneficial, and others appear to be harmful, I encourage you to talk with your physician about them.  To help facilitate that conversation, bring in the bottles of the supplements you are taking.